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Apotek Hidup : post-disaster assistance in Cianjur

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2022

Cianjur is one of the regions in west java, which is on the island of Java. Recently, Cianjur has received deep attention, because there was such a large earthquake with a magnitudo of 5.6 in the area on November 21, 2022. The estimated number of victims in the earthquake disaster is around 310 people who died, 1.000 people were injured, 20 missing, and 58.000 people displaced. In the case of certain disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and tsunamis, there will be relocation and fulfillment of the needs of the victims. These needs must be fulfilled by the government, private institutions, and society of Indonesia. Community involvement project is a humanitarian activity that is often carried out so that the needs of the people affected can be fulfilled and channeled properly.
The program carried out is utilization of "apotek hidup" as an effort to improve community health affected by the Cianjur earthquake with two main activities, socialization of "apotek hidup" and planting of medicinal plants. The participants were happy with this program as it provided them with herbal medicine as an effort to maintain health after the earthquake, and also education on how to be more creative in providing for familiy health. Recommendation for further improvement, includes: mapping the risk and how to mitigate it before conducting a program, conducting research prior to the program, and creating a detailed timeline and to-do-list for the program.

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