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Resources and Partners in support of the Achievement 
towards Vision 2021

Analyzing IPMI International Business School Resources and Partners in support of the Achievement towards Vision 2021

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

The purpose of this study and group field project is to analyze the resources and partners IPMI has which can support its four targeted areas of excellence to achieve its goal towards the achievement of its Vision 2021. Competition in the education sector is getting intense each day in Indonesia and getting a bite of the market share is getting increasingly challenging than ever. IPMI International Business School (IPMI), compared with its competitor Prasetiya Mulya, is struggling with its student intake. There a number of partners identified in this study however the team has limited to three which are students (BBA and MBA) and alumni. Underlying theories behind the definition and importance of partnership and various partnership with higher education is vastly discussed as well as the motivation framework which drives engagement with students. A qualitative research methodology to address the research objectives concentrating on a series of interviews and online surveys and too applied weight average scoring technique in allocating the different scales each resource is perceived by each respondents. Next the finding and analysis in this study will present the results the team obtained from the interviews and surveys conducted. The team identify and map, as well as conduct analysis on both the quality and quantity of each resource. Partners are then surveyed on its level of contribution towards IPMI and the study will map what do these partners needs to establish engagement which are then matched with resource to provide value offering activities. The study concludes that IPMI’s has resources which are valuable to be offered to students and alumni. Hence recommendations emphasized on future action plans IPMI top management can undertake to apply value offering with its sufficient resources to establish more partnerships in the future.

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