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The effect of influencer credibility on online engagement and its effect towards student enrollment intention

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Publisher :IPMI Business School , 2022

Due to Indonesia's rapid development, social media play an important role throughout the promotion of a product service. According to hootsuite and we are social, Indonesia has a total population of 247.9 million people, with 202.6 million internet users; hence, 73.7 percent of Indonesians are impacted by the virtual world. The quantity of social media users suggests that social media represents a business opportunity, particularly for higher education institutions. Through the use of influencers, higher education institutions can utilize social media to promote their institutions to a large audience. Where these influencers can influence prospective students' institution choosing decisions.
The pupose of this research is to examine the impact of influencer credibility on online engagement and its effect on enrollment intention among 200 high school students of high school graduates who have not pursued their studies in higher education. This study uses quantitative analysis with partial least square structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) to analyze the data. The study of the data revealed a positive and significant relationship between factors. The credibility of an influencer has a positive and significant effect on online engagement. Thus, online engagement has a positive and significant effect on enrollment intention. By providing new information and perspectives on influencer credibility, it is anticipated that the findings of this study would strengthen existing empirical literature and ideas relating to enrollment intention.

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