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The impact of ore export ban, macroeconomics variables, and financial performance on stock returns of nickel mining companies listed on Indonesia stock exchange 2011-2021

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2022

This study and evaluates the impact of the ore export ban, macroeconomic variables, and financial performance to the stock return of nickel mining companies listed on the Indonesia stock exchange from 2011 to 2021. This study used macroeconomics variables (GDP growth, exchange rate, market returns, nickel price, and gold price) and financial performance (current ratio, total asset turnover, debt-to-equity ratio, and ROE) as independent variables. The ore export ban is used as independent as well as moderating variable. The stock return of nickel mining companies is the dependent variable. The universe of nickel mining companies is limitedto integrated nickel mining companies; PT Aneka Tambang Tbk and PT Vale Indonesia Tbk. This study used the Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney test and the regression data panel analysis to answer the research questions. This study concluded that there was no difference in stock returns between the companies. Other outcomes from this study showed that GDP growth, Market return, and the Gold price positively affected stock returns. This study also found that Ore Export ban only moderated the impact of GDP growth on-stock returns, and the Ore export ban did not have moderating effect to other independent variables. Therefore, this study concluded that the nickel mining companies' stock returns between 2011-2021 are influenced only by several macroeconomic factors.

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