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The role of Digital advertising in higher education : case study at IPMI International Business School

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2023

The rapid evolution of digital technologies has brought about transformative changes in various sectors, including education. The dynamic and diverse role that digital advertising plays in the world of higher education is examined in this thesis. Institutions of higher education specifically IPMI international business school are increasingly using digital advertising to increase visibility, reach, and interaction with potential students as methods of student recruitment and engagement face difficulties in the digital age. This research aims to determine the factors that influence how social media advertisements are perceived and their effect on enrollment intention. However, IPMI need to transform to digital advertising from traditional marketing where IPMI need to make that right strategy to improve their marketing channels which will more targeted to young generation. This research performed a survey with minimum 100 respondents and utilized factor analysis to determine which characteristics significantly influenced how people perceived social media advertisements. Structural equation modelling was used to investigate the effect of customer characteristics, emotional appeal, and attention-grabbing details on enrollment intention. The findings indicate that creative characteristics, emotional appeal and attention-grabbing details all influenced how social media advertising was evaluated. It is hoped that in the future this research can contribute to become references that will improve IPMI international business school digital advertising on social media.

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