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Surviving the pandemic : comparative study between sunyi coffee and moeda coffee during COVID 19 pandemic

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2023

The researchers aim to conduct a comparative study exploring the strategy between Sunyi coffee Indonesia and Moeda coffee Indonesia to survive during COVID 19 pandemic. The COVID 19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to businesses across the globe, particularly in the coffee shop industry. This thesis investigates the survival strategies adopted by two prominent coffee shops, Sunyi coffee and Moeda coffee, during the pandemic. By examining their approaches, this study aims to uncover key factors that contributed to their resilience and success amidst the challenging circumstances. This thesis conducting a case study analysis by interviewing CEO of Sunyi Coffee Indonesia and Moeda Coffee Indonesia. This research use a qualitative analysis research. The data analysis methods that employ from this research is test the answer from the respondents have a relationship with the dynamic capability theories. The research gap shows that both of the respondant only have 2 from 3 variables of dynamic capability theory such as absorb and adapt. The results from this research shows that the answer from CEO of sunyi coffee and moeda coffee Indonesia have a relationship in two from three variables from dynamic capability theories. The conclusion from this research shows that both of Sunyi coffee and Moeda coffee have a two of three variables from dynamic capability theories that make the business survive during COVID 19 pandemic.

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