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The purpose of self development

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2023

The report presents the results of research of students self-development direction, describes the content of the tasks of self-development and identifies the possibility of using personal growth for self-development towards the life of generation Z that are currently participating in student council of SMA sejahtera satu, depok. Because, the majority of students set self development goals based on one's spiritual views, the value of health and the value of other people. To demonstrate perseverance in solving problems of self development they are hampered by weak development of strong-willed qualities and lack of motivation. So, this report explores the nature components of the care for self-development and implementation of think and grow rich and how to win friends and influence people in the life of generation Z that are currently participating in the student council of SMA sejahtera Satu Depok. Not only that, this report also cover the main discussion from the previous seminar and the result of case study of "la pecora nera" by Italo Calvino that are inspired by one of the chapter in think and grow rich which was the power of the master mind that later will be cover in the sub chapter of introduction. We also provide a recommendation from surveys which are distributed to several audiences to provide an assessment of the activities we carry out.

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