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Application of understanding of digital marketing in social media platform : Amongst highschool students Cahaya Ramayani Islamic Boarding School

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2023

Nowadays in the digital era, social media plays an important role in our daily lives. It is very common for a business or company to take advantages from digital marketing, marketers can reach a wider audience and easily express their ideas to attract their customers. Instagram and tiktok are now the most used social media by today's generation. The accessible and simple way to use yet gives people a lot of opportunity to express their creativity through its tools is one of the factors why people mostly choose tiktok and Instagram. Not only for its users, businesses can also use the features and this social media offers a variety of ways of how they would like to advertise their products. We conducted a seminar amongst highschool students of Cahaya Ramayani Islamic Boarding School. The objective of this study is to escalate participants' understanding of the application of digital marketing in our daily activities and how to attract the customer by creative content. Participants can obtain insight from this seminar on how to implement the social media digital marketing, how to make a creative content on social media, what type of behavioral content would attract them and what kind of tools they can use to make a creative content. This seminar also provides a safe space for participants to share their thoughts and ideas about the discussed topics, and a quiz for them to learn more. As a result, most participants are very satisfied with this webinar and can obtain helpful information for how to implement the digital marketing to their businesses.

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