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How to Positioning Graha Medika Hospital as ``Hospital of Choice``

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Publisher :IPMI , 2002

Currently, health care industry in Indonesia is growing up especially after monetary crisis hit Indonesia in 1997. Many people who are usually checking their health by going abroad (usually in Singapore) now chose hospitals in Jakarta as alternatives. Only those, which are known, have good quality and occupied with best physicians and supported by advanced equipments can be chosen.

Rumah Sakit Graha Medika or Graha Medika Hospital ("GMH"), is located at Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, which hereinafter described in Chapter 2. GMH was established by a group of doctors and Ramli Family in March 1988 under the name of PT. Baligraha Medikatama.

In overall, GMH has already accepted by the market with all its strength and weakness, therefore, we try to find out what the issues are and how to positioning Graha Medika Hospital as "Hospital of Choice" to the market.


1. To analyze the Company's vision and mission

2. To conduct customer analysis by matching and evaluating product / service analysis by evaluating more about internal and organizational capabilities. In this stage, we try to hear customer voice (what is Critical To Quality/CTQ for customers)

3. To assess Company's position and matching it with generic competitive strategies

4. To identify the strategic management choices by means of resources allocation

5. To make strategic recommendations in order to make GMH as Hospital of Choice in the market


Besides conducting some study in GMH and other hospitals (especially to the competitors), we also used some library research to get descriptions about health care industry and health care management. We discussed it with management, physicians, nurses, and hospital staff and also reviewed GMH standard operating procedures and related processes occur at GMH.

To strengthen and enrich our study, we conduct small survey to the patients and asking them to fill out customized questioners. To meet our objectives, we took respondents as samples both from outpatient and inpatient. The survey result has given more understanding about GMH position in the market and what is the really Customers' Critical To Quality (CTQ) and expectations.

We do conduct some benchmarking survey on pricing to GMH competitors and also asking some perception and inputs from physicians from state -owned hospital.

The following is benchmarking result:

- GMH's room rate price positioning is quite competitive to the other competitors where it shows by room rate for class 1 up to VIP (see Benchmarking Result -Rate Comparison)

- Physician consultation rate for out patient is also competitive compare than the other competitors. Although, they have wide range of price from minimum to maximum price (see Out Patient Consultation Rate)

- GMH facilities is completed with latest technology update including they are planning to add newest facilities for Urology and Fertility

Reseach Location: PT GE Siloam Health Care Tbk.

Supervisor: Ir. Handry Satriago, MM., MBA.

Accepted on 18 February 2002

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