Image of Improving Recruitment System for Salespeople at P&G`s Distributor (PT Wicaksana Overseas International

Improving Recruitment System for Salespeople at P&G`s Distributor (PT Wicaksana Overseas International

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Publisher :IPMI , 2002

Salespeople, as the front-line employees for most distribution companies like PT. Wicaksana Overseas International (WOI) had managed to win the battle for the survival of the company during and after Indonesian economic crisis. The rapid growth of the business will require a reliable human resources system, which aligns with the overall company objective. Eventually, a proper recruitment system for the salespeople will lead to the company sustainability for the future.

The need to have a robust recruitment system for salespeople have became a growing concern for both PT. WOI and its principal PT. P&G Indonesia. This study would cover all the important issues related to recruitment system, taking into consideration several aspects including the real needs of the business.

After several group discussions, surveys, observations, consultation with our GFP supervisors, some benchmarking with Coca-cola and KIA ceramics, and also relate back to theories by different authors, we come out with some conclusions and proposed some recommendations as stated at the last chapter of this paper.

Our recommendation will be valid for the current business situation and dynamically it would change overtime along with the changes in Indonesian business structure due to some forces of globalization. Additionally it would require local company like p~ WOI to regularly review its recruitment system in order to cope with the new business needs.

Research Location: PT Wicaksana Overseas International

Supervisor: Irfan Habsjah, S.E., M.M., MBA (IPMI) and H. Slamet Pririswanto (PT WOI)

Accepted: 25 February 2002

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