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Stakeholders views on TPI positioning

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Publisher :IPMI , 1999

This Group Field Project was conducted in P.T Cipta Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia ( P.T CTPI) well known as P.T TPI, a private television station which originally served educational program. In its subsequent development it became commercial television station like other private television stations. Eventually, at the present moment, TPI is trying to re-position itself as mid-high (AIB class) television station after quite along time positioning itself for mid-Iow (CFD/E class) society and moreover It is associated as mid-low class television station. Since then, TPI came up with its vision to serve not only mid-low class society but also mid-high class society.

Our tasks are to serve qualitative information to TPI about its current image among its stakeholders and to study the possibility of TPl's re-positioning. Subject to these, we collected and combined both e.xternal and internal data which are relevant to the problem, scope of work and objective of the study. In term of e.xternal sources, we carried out literature research and interview with TPl's stakeholders who essentially comprise of advertising agencies, advertisers, artists, viewers, TPl's employees and practitioners.

Besides selecting, structuring and interpreting all relevant data, elaborating about TPl's SWOT analysis and Industry analysis became important parts before we came up with presenting options and recommendations regarding TPl's re- positioning.

Research Location: PT. Cipta Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (TPI)

Supervisor: Hadi Satyagraha, P.h.D

Accepted on December 1999


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