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Publisher :IPMI , 1996

This study will look further into two of Pepsi Cola IndoBeverage (PCIB)'s problems. The first problem is about a system of collecting marketing information (sales volume, distribution) of Pepsi and those of its competitors using Pepsi sales force. The second problem is about improving information flow in PCIB to make PCIB more responsive to new ideas.

Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (IPMI) student group approached the problems by interviewing most of Pepsi managers, 2 stockiest, 15 agents, 8 PK-5. The group visited Kapuk Warehouse to do a route survey and visited Cinangka Warehouse to observe a warehouse meeting. Finally the group sent questionnaires about internal communication of PCIB to 9 managers, 25 supervisors, and 24 salesmen from all warehouse.

Having collected and analyzed the data, the group came up with recommendation for both problems. For the first problem, the group proposed a system of collecting information by the supervisor and compiled by the warehouse EDP. The report will be available to managers twice a month. The system will give an estimate with an error level of 5% by focusing on agents and main competitors. Then the error level of competitor's data would be assumed to be the same (5%).

F or the second problem, the group suggests that common perception should be more communicated to all level of PCIB. The personnel should allocate more time. to discuss the meeting result. The standard meeting agenda should be written to help focusing on important information. For more effective communication, Target Monitoring Analysis developed by the group could help. PCIB should start to exploit the information technology such as Voice mail and Fax server to facilitate better communication. Finally, found that the agents could give many ideas for Pepsi improvement

Research Location : PT. Pepsi Cola IndoBeverage (PCIB)

Supervisor: Rudianto Prabowo

Accepted on 27 November 1996

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