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PT. Jakim Toward Year 2003

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Publisher :IPMI , 1996

This paper is meant in the first place to be a material which can help in understanding the development of business in Indonesia in connection with manufacturing which is very much depend on the other industrial development. Secondly. this paper can also be used as a case for class discussion restrictedly for IPMI. Any personal names, companies and product names have been put in disguise.

The development and of PI Jakim with its growth which is considerably fast bears a certain impact in term of customer loyalty. This situation very bad for PI Jakim especially with the coming of AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) in the year of 2003 which is part of the globalisation.

To be able to see the problem in deeper meaning, we try to investigate its weaknesses from the point of view of its organization, sales as well as production management. Problem which is related to its finance is not intentionally discussed.

At the end of this paper, in order to survive in facing a future challenge, we try to give some suggestions in term of corrective actions for improving the present situation internally within PI Jakim it self as well as externally which is related to its customers and also its competitors.

Research Location: PT. Jakim

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wagiono Ismangil

Accepted on 1996

For IPMI Internal -- Read at Library Only.

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