Image of The Phenomena of an International Air Express Company In Indonesia: DHL as reflection

The Phenomena of an International Air Express Company In Indonesia: DHL as reflection

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Publisher :IPMI , 1996

The role of air express company as a mode of transportation provider is a crucial one in the dynamic ever change market.

Customer such as the electronic (hi-tech) and automobile spare part customer is the opportunity in growing the business for the future. As a market leader in Indonesia DHL has the opportunity and capability to provide a customization and excellence services for the customer. The Challenge is how DHL Indonesia maintain its superior quality against their competitor and How DHL Indonesia align its performance to create customer value that fulfill the customer needs.

In understanding the type of services and be able to develop partnership arrangement with core customer is a challenge for an international air express company such as DHL.

The major characteristic of an international air express company is speed, network, value added services, reliability, and custom clearance.

Moreover, to be able in providing a logistic system solution to major customer (manufacturing oriented) is a competitive advantage.

In capturing future business potential DHL Indonesia, is closely monitoring the Indonesian growth, especially import and export growth. This two factor is closely related to how many shipment will be available in the market due to export or import.

The Government of Indonesia has taken some major step to boost the export growth which will be an advantage for an international air express company.

Recent in changes in business requirement of an air express customer are: Ensurement of Service quality offered

-Issued how an international air express can provide more value for money in differentiating with other competitor.

-Becoming an active supplier to part of the supply chain concept in the customer mind by providing on integrated logistic solution.

-Developing a closer relationship through engagement process in order to create on enthuastic customer understanding more in depth what is the customer required to develop their business and how DHL Indonesia can grow together.

Setting up a strategic alliance in strengthen the core competence of service offered by DHL to customer such as information system, warehousing management, capability of carrying more heavy weight and better transit time. .

The business environment of the future requires wider, more customer focused aptitudes and skills. Leaders must keep learning these new skills and perspective and through learning organization, DHL Indonesia Organization should be able to initiate change, manage accelerated change, be constantly aware and be ready to share responsibility, build teams, and empower others to be quick and providing customer with an excellence services.

The development of people skill such as a cross functional team approach in anticipating to fulfill the customer needs is the way to strice for execellence services.

Decentralizing service center closer to the customer is an innovation infrastructure to be able in understanding the customer thoroughly.

Segmented the customer based on the business specification requirement will give the DHL Indonesia employee to focus on those customer and create excellence services.

To sustain as a market leadership, DHL Indonesia has to transform its organization to become a learning organization based on customer centered company which lead to building growth in revenue and profit.

Research Location: DHL

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wagiono Ismangil

Accepted on June 1996

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