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Analysis on Business Operation of PT. Bevera Makmur Cemerlang

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Publisher :IPMI , 2003

Our Group Field Project (GFP) is to assist PT. Bevera Makmur Cemerlang (hereinafter called "BMC") in reviewing its current business operations and to come up with some recommendations to facilitate the expected growth of BMC in terms of its market share from the existing 11.8% to 20% in the next two years in its traditional geographic marketing areas (the city of Bandung and its Regency), specifically in relation to the critical production resources (the empty bottle management and distribution system.

Our project, started in May 2003, was to review the BMC's both the current production capacity at its plant in Bandung and the current distribution system in its traditional geographic marketing areas. In doing so, it was to review some related internal business processes and their performance measures. The set of recommendations was expected to take into account the business competition nature of the industry. These recommendations would serve as the guidelines for the BMC for improving its market share and seeking for the optimal distribution model based on benchmarking methods. However, several aspects on marketing, including market surveys and depth competitor analysis were not part of the GFP. The project culminated in the [mal presentation to be delivered by early July 2003.

The primary data used in the analysis came from two sources, the interviews with the BMC management team, and direct interviews with operational players during the factory visits, some outlet visits as well as a trip on a distribution route. Secondary data to support our GFP, such as information of ready to drink tea industry, were gathered from PT Sinar Sosro's prospectus.

Reseach Location: PT Bevera Makmur Cemerlang

Supervisor: Arief B. Suharko, Ph. D.

Accepted: 02 Aug 2003

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