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Publisher :IPMI , 2004

PT Dipmi Bisnis Prospera is a new company established under the Indonesian Law. The vision is to "help people live healthier". The mission of the company is "to be the market leader in healthy F&B industry in Indonesia to increase shareholders & employees wealth and to contribute to the community welfare". In running the business, the company holds a values diamond, i.e. "trusted, fun, share, and move forward". The general strategy is to "grow faster than the competitors in the targeted segments throughout Indonesia through intense network development & product differentiation".

The first product will be introduced and launched is yogurt, branded Freshgurt. Unlike other major existed product, Freshgurt will not initially be marketed as a pre-pack yogurt, but instantly served. The target segments are extrovert 17 -28 years old with middle to high spending power that purchase food for promoting health and living well.

To support the target segments and behaviors, "spirit bolster" was selected as the positioning statement. That statement reflected positive and strong attitude.

Instantly served was selected as the strategy, instead of pre-packed, because the competition is loose. Many yogurt products available in the market are pre- packed. Therefore, this initiative would be the first mover on this business.

To stay competitive on this business, the price of this product will be based on perceive-value pricing method.

Two types of outlet design will be developed, i.e. mobile stall and mini cafe. A big challenge for the company is to educate the market using persuasive communication regarding the benefit of the yogurt and at the same time selling the Freshgurt brand awareness.

Research Location: PT Dipmi Bisnis Prospera

Supervisor: Dr. Deddy Herdiansjah

Accepted: 10 March 2004.

This document contain CONFIDENTIAL information until 10 March 2009

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