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What`s keeping your customers up at night? : close more deals by selling to your clients pain

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Publisher :McGraw-Hill , 2003

PR guru Steve Cody and sales consultant Richard Harte team up to bring readers a revolutionary methodology for discovering what customers really need and using that knowledge to build stronger, more profitable relationships with them. The evolutionary next step in the "trusted adviser" approach to selling that has taken the sales world by storm, the system successfully combines public relations strategies with consultative sales techniques in a strategic framework.

Among other important lessons, salespeople learn to uncover a client's deepest concerns --"what keeps them up at night"-- and to position their products or services in light of those concerns, using message points and other traditional PR tactics to help them successfully sell to the customer's "pain."

Want to open doors and win accounts that seemed beyond your reach in the past? What's Keeping Your Customers Up at Night? shows sales reps and executives how to leverage proven public relations techniques to close more deals, increase repeat business, and prosper in good times and bad. It also provides the keys to deepening relationships, up-selling customers, and keeping sales figures up in uncertain times.

Following a foolproof, four-step approach, you'll learn how to:

Uncover the pain using combined PR audit and sales assessment strategies

Enhance the pain using PR-type case studies and sales war stories

Sell against the pain through pain-based questioning and message point development

Heal the wound by empowering the prospect to move forward with you

About the Author

Steven Cody is the founder and managing partner of Peppercom, Inc., a top strategy communications firm with offices in New York, San Francisco, and London.

Richard Harte, Ph.D., is the president of Harte Associates, a sales and organizational consulting firm. He has designed sales and management training programs for top corporations worldwide.

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