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Trout on strategy : capturing mindshare conquering markets

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Publisher :McGraw-Hill , 2004

And when you really need that perfect strategy there's only one place to turn-marketing strategy guru and bestselling author Jack Trout. For over twenty years, Trout's trailblazing insights have helped business people around the globe capture mindshare, conquer markets, and become market leaders. His bestselling books like Positioning, The New Positioning, Marketing Warfare and The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing have solidified his reputation and in a business market where only the strong survive, we need Jack Trout's wisdom now more than ever. Strategy is all about winning and Jack Trout is all about strategy. Trout on Strategy presents the latest thinking on the topic:

* Strategy is All About Survival

* Strategy is All About Perceptions

* Strategy is All About Being Different

* Strategy is All About Competition

* Strategy is All About Specialization

* Strategy is All About Simplicity

* Strategy is All About Leadership

* Strategy is All About Reality

Competition is more brutal than ever before and companies aren't just fighting to win, they are fighting to survive. Business people in all industries are looking for proven strategies to capture mindshare and conquer markets. Time and time again, they turn to Jack Trout. Trout's experience covers many years and many companies, in many parts of the world. He is recognized as one of the world's leading marketing strategists. Trout on Strategy is a one-stop manual of his groundbreaking marketing insights, featuring his best advice from his many books in the context of what's happening in today's business environment."

From the bestselling coauthor of Positioning--essential tactics for success in every marketing arena

With his 1981 classic, Positioning, Jack Trout (along with coauthor Al Reis) forever changed the way marketing strategy is done. In the more than two decades since then, he has remained at the forefront of marketing and strategic thinking. Written in response to the demands by Trout fans, acolytes, and students worldwide, this book brings together the key ideas from his substantial body of work in a quick-bite format.

Trout on Strategy:

* Is an ideal introduction to the thinking of one of the century's most influential marketing innovators

* Explores Trout's major themes, including survival, perception, differentiation, and more

* Connects the dots in his major works and makes his ideas relevant to the biggest issues facing business toda

About the Author

Jack Trout is the president of Trout & Partners, a marketing firm with offices in 14 countries. The author or coauthor of numerous bestselling books, Jack Trout is responsible for the freshest ideas in marketing in the last 20 years. His concept of "positioning" has become the world's number-one business strategy.

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HF5415.13 .T7353 2004
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