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Strategic positioning for Lippobank

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Publisher :IPMI , 1992

The objective of this group field project (GFP), was to formulate the strategic positioning in order to give proposals as to which business activity Lippobank should proceed: Corporate, Commercial or Consumer banking?

The GFP members are able to identify the market attractiveness of the banking industry and Lippobank's competitiveness, but were not able to identify which specific business activity that Lippobank should proceed to achieve the long-term success.

The GFP members conclude that Lippobank is on the right track in pursuing its strategies to optimize the market opportunities. However, Lippobank can achieve more to out compete the current structure of the market if it can define more clearly what are its intended business activities. We recommend therefore, that Lippobank establish Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and delegate the Strategic Planning Process to line managers.

Research location: Lippobank

Supervisor: Hadi Satyagraha, Phd. and Wiwiek M. Daryanto

Accepted: August 1992

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