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Project Frutang image assessment on brand personality & association

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Publisher :IPMI , 2005

PT Tangmas has already existed in the beverage drink and well known for its ranges of product like mineral water, tea, and syrup. While they have enjoyed the growth in the beverage sectors, they observed that there is window of opportunity to enter into the fruit drink segment, which has excellent chance to grow within the beverage market. They are aware that this particular segment has not been exploited fully by the existing fruit drink players. Result of this observation is they introduced Frutang brand in the market. The product comes with a transparent plastic glass, which are already widely used by mineral water, with an orange juice flavor, offered at affordable price and use distribution channel of mineral water. The natural color of orange that the product has is eye catching and invite people to buy. All those marketing mixes paired with an advertisement that is attractive and easy to recall has made Frutang launch a successful one and well accepted by its intended market segment. And within several years, Frutang brand has gained significant market share in the fruit drink market and enjoyed a sterling volume growth.

The Frutang phenomenon has waken up the players within the segment to refocus their strategy and made improvement to defend their shares. Other players are attracted with the success of Frutang and started to enter this market as well. Surrounding by these facts, the company of Frutang wish to revisit its communication strategy. They wish to know if the current communication has built the desired level of brand awareness of Frutang in the mind of customers and how Frutang's brand awareness is doing relative to the other brands exist in the market. More to it is to understand whether the advertisement that is being used are accepted and dwelled in consumers' mind and how is Frutang's advertisement awareness relative to the other brands' within the fruit drink segment. The company also wishes to assess whether some brand association over Frutang brand has been established in the consumers' mind and how the customers describe the brand personality of Frutang. These are important information required by Frutang in order for them to understand how well the communication that they had done so far.

Research location: P.T. Tangmas.

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