Image of Market Entry Strategy for TOSHIBA Electric Lamp in Indonesia

Market Entry Strategy for TOSHIBA Electric Lamp in Indonesia

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Publisher :IPMI Business School , 2005

This paper is a final report of the Group Field Project that was prepared and done as a requirement for graduation and part of the study program in IPMI Business School Magister Management/Master of Business Administration.

The Group Field Project is creating a Business Plan for PT Topjaya Sarana Utama (Topjaya) for launching one of TOSHIBA product portfolio which has not yet existed in Indonesia market, TOSHIBA Electric Lamp. This project was done in group through some market studies, literature studies, and group discussions.

The scope of this project is to analyze the electric lamp current market situation in Indonesia, and try to prepare a market entry strategy from marketing perspective, financial perspective, and resource/

organizational perspective.

The financial plan, which includes Sales projection, Profit-Loss projection, Cash Flow projection, and Financial analysis, is not made available in this report for company confidentiality reason, as requested by the Company's Board of Directors. It is available exclussively for the Company's Board of Directors, the guiding Lecturer, and the members of Group 3 Class of Executive January 2003 who prepare this Group Field Project.

Some recommendations from this report that are not broken-down into detail levels are, of course, subject for further detail works by Topjaya and their partners/agencies.

Last but not least, it is really the expectation from all member of the group that this Group Field Project will be beneficial for Topjaya, at least as a foundation for its electric Lamp business execution in Indonesia.

We wish Topjaya success.

Research Location : PT Topjaya Sarana Utama

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