Image of To Build a Positive Image of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia by Expanding their Business to Small Cities (Especially Aceh)

To Build a Positive Image of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia by Expanding their Business to Small Cities (Especially Aceh)

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Publisher :IPMI Business School , 2007

TVS is the third largest Motorcycle Manufacturer in India and now is expanding their business and beginning their operation in Indonesia. With TVS Neo being produced and Apache being sold in Indonesia. TVS would take advantage of international marketing opportunities in the Indonesian market.
As Aceh has it cultural ties with India and Aceh society having knowledge about India country, it becomes a strong point for TVS to entering the Aceh market.
Memorandum of Understanding in August 15, 2005, gave positive impact to Aceh society which shows significant improvement in the Economic sector; especially infrastructure the special autonomy to Aceh Governor to manage the economic system and taxes makes local government able to improve the economic sector.
Japanese Automotive industry, as the leading players in Aceh market and the rivalry among them show more and more presence. TVS views rivalry become as an opportunity to expand their business to Aceh. It is believed that TVS can compete with strong players in Aceh, because of its good quality of product, good R&D capability, Technology, and good TQM system.
As a new comer it is not easy to induce the customer, and but with good marketing strategy of TVS currently it does hav~ power to attract Aceh society. The ways that of TVS should do to attract more people is through setting up of strong dealership, advertising, and cooperation with private side in Aceh.
To achieve their target in Aceh market, it is recommended that PT. TVS Motor Indonesia implemented the marketing strategy (no specific target market in terms of age and sex), and also the development of new technologies for reducing emission and improving the fuel economy. This is because the price of fuel in Indonesia increases every year. Consumers will be looking for them because it is more economical compared to competitor's product. The other supporting features and benefit such as are comfort to drive, safety, and durable engine and spacious of baggage, are the main attributes people are looking for in buying motorcycle.
In implementing the push strategy, PT. TVS Motor Indonesia is recommended to give a special bonus to their main dealer in Aceh and to the set up cooperation's with private side in Aceh. In supporting the preceding strategy, PT. TVS Motor Indonesia is recommended to pull the prospective customer by giving one year free motorcycle insurance as well as spare parts and service, and guarantee the resale value of PT. TVS Motor Indonesia. To be able to communicate effectively and to get a bigger impact of TVS's advertisement, test ride is recommended. And PT. TVS Motor Indonesia should give something to prospective customers to reduce their reluctance to come to a test ride. The emphasis of the test drive is more to change people perceptions.

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