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Publisher :Amacom , 2002

International trade has always been a field of immense complexities and rish rewards. In past eras, bandits lurked along Marco Polo's Silk Road and privateers, menaced the seas. Today, companies that conduct business across their borders face multimillion dollar risks attributable to modern differences in cultures, economies, and technologies. You can better manage your success and minimize your risk exposure with the help of this essential book.

Encyclopedic in scope and impressively detailed in depth, International Logistics is a complete guide to the global movement of goods by businesses. It gives you a coherent view of contemporary global logictics from the sourcing of raw materials through production to delivery. While it focuses on private sector transactions, it considers the role of the government as overseer and as occasional buyer or seller. The second edition has been updated to include recent regulatory changes as well as new imperatives raised by global terrorism.

An astoning array of functions fall under the umbrella of international logistics. Covered in this book are * site selection * purchasing * demand forecasting * materials handling * invetory, warehouse, and distribution management * salvage disposal * surface, sea, and air transport * documentation * and many more.

On every page, you'll gain a greater practical understanding of the many factors that influence the flow of goods and people between nations. These range from political situations and economic strengths to fuel prices, technology concepts, environmental protections, varying systems of jurisprudence, pockets of corruption, and the effects of cultural assumptions upon business relationships. Intriguing case studies illustrate the challenges of global logistics in action.

Rely on International Logistics for any question or situation that arises in your work. Now more than ever, it is the unequaled desktop reference for everyone in the field.

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HF5415.7 .I553 2002
Publisher Place New York
xiii, 442p.: ill.; 24cm.
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2nd ed.
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