Image of Implementation Marketing Mix Strategy to Increase Market Share of Komatsu (PC 200) in Jakarta Area

Implementation Marketing Mix Strategy to Increase Market Share of Komatsu (PC 200) in Jakarta Area

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Publisher :IPMI Business School , 2009

PT United Tractors was establish on Octoberv 13th 1972 initially named PT Astra Motor Work, later on name was changed to PT United Tractors Tbk (UT), and since 1973 UT was appointed as the authorized sole distributor of Komatsu heavy equipment, Sumitomo Link Belt and Tadano Crane. In 1998, Indonesia was suffered with monetary crisis which lot of company turbulence toward sales and working capital.

In 1998, UT has made a legend that UT can be a market leader of heavy equipment in turbulent time with fight Caterpillar. Former, Caterpillar is global market for heavy equipment, but at monetary crsisi UT as sole distribution of Komatsu become a market leader in Indonesia. Nowadays, UT till able to maintain reputation as market leader in Indonesia.

UT has lot of line product, but most of sales in PC200. PC 200 categorized by small equipment because capacity of bucket 0.9 meter cubic and price also cheaper that biggest equipment. PC 200 as an equipment that has multifunction, that is reasons why sales volume of PC 200 always growth year to year.

Komatsu, especially PC 200 has significant market share compare with competitors. But, in some are in Indonesia, PC 200 defeated with Kobelco because Kobelco's price cheaper than Komatsu. To avoid that problem "Marketing Mix" as a solution.

Marketing Mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market let's say as market share. Marketing mix is complex tools that look at the problem not at one side but completely. In this dilemma, marketing mix (the 4P's marketing ) will husk one by one form "price, product, placement, and promotion". Try to making analysis and comparisons of both framework among Komatsu and Kobelco.

The first step to measure is review both of company by using marketing mix tools or the 4P's analysis. The 4P's analysis purposed to look at the similarity and differentiation both of company. Based on one by one part of 4P's analysis, we can see where the problem appears. After get information from first step, continue to the second step that is making rating.

On the second step, rating will make based on the 4P's analysis too, and add some subtitle that related with each part of 4P's. The way to rating is given high score for good and low score for worst. The sum of rating will decide who are better and worts. In addition, from rating we also will see the strength and the waekness of each of companies.

The last step is make resolution from marketing mix evaluation to pursue our objective which is increasing market share for PC200.

Research Location : United Tractors PT, Tbk

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