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Re-Focusing Brand Identity, for Century Healthcare

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Publisher :IPMI Business School , 2009

Century Healthcare established in November 15th, 2993., and has been over 15 years servicing its customers with their distinctive products and services. Currently healthcare has around 239 stores and 300 couriers through out Indonesia, plus 37 'Apotek Plus'. In 2009 onward Century plans to open 50-100 more stores of different format - Modern and Stand Alone- to grab the opportunity from switching of customer's preference from traditional minded to modern way of healthy treatment. The aggresive plan, however, needs some changes in several aspects of the Brand itself, can the Brand sustain its existence in the middle of head to head competition?.

The Group has conducted the 2 rounds Focus Group Discussion (FGD) plus the quantative research by sending the questionnaire to 100 Century's members. On top of that, the Group have interviewed the Century's management to gain more insight on its marketing and operational issues. The Group also paid some visits directly to Century's store to take some pictures as the proof. Finally the group finds some issues related to Century's Identities like logo, Pharmacy's sign, Rx sign which need some improvements to make it focus. In addition to the above, the Group find a few area to be improved like layout, and communication's space for advertisements, so that each of the store could represent the newly improved Century.

Brand identity is what the owner wants to communicate to its potential consumers. However, over time, a products brand idnetity may acquire (evolve), gaining new attributes from consumer perspective but not necessarily from the marketing communications an owner percolates to targeted consumers. Therefore, brand associates become handy to check the consumer's perception of the brand.

This GFP is not only the final prequisite to qualify the Master Degree in IPMI, it is indeed the great learning for the Group to understand how to leverage the brand equity of the powerful brand like Century, the challenges in the real competitive market and to be able to develop recommendation for a comprehensive business plan.

Research Location : Century Healthcare

Supervisor : L.I.A. Mudzaffar daud

Accepted Date : 09 November 2009

Confidential until 9 November 2014

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