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MEM Co., Inc.: English Leather

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Publisher :Harvard Business School Publishing , 1992

In 1992, the president of MEM (a producer of personal care products, including men's fragrances) is considering a redeployment of field sales efforts and changes in sales compensation policies. Any changes, moreover, must be made in the context of strategic decisions concerning English Leather, the firm's major product line. The case provides data concerning consumer behavior and attitudes in the product category, as well as information concerning how changes in competition and distribution channels affect the brand. Teaching Purpose: A decision-oriented case, MEM is a good vehicle for discussing factors altering marketing and sales tasks at many consumer goods firms. Factors relevant to the decisions in this case include: concentration of key trade channels, revised buying criteria in important channels, and their impact on required marketing-sales interaction at MEM.

- Seeting: United States; personal care products; mid-size; $58 million revenues; 1992

- Publication Date: Sep 28, 1992

- Revision Date: Jul 7, 1994

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