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How to write business plan : the internet entrepreneur`s guide to everything you need know about business plans and financing options

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Publisher :McGraw-Hill , 2001

Online business is booming, and you're ready for a piece of the e-biz pie. Maybe you've developed a brilliant idea for a ".com" business that is sure to reap big bucks, or perhaps you run an established small business, and plan to take your concept online. How can you convince an investment "angel" to fund your dreams of expansion? What you need is a business plan--your path to success, the best way to win investment dollars from venture capitalists or from individual investors. This guide tells you how to do just that, detailing not just the steps but offering advice from successful entrepreneurs, leading venture capital executives, and noted e-biz experts. In addition, the second-half of the book comprises a "Dotcom" directory. Author Joanne Eglash has sleuthed out the top resources for e-biz entrepreneurs, and she reveals where to find what you need to get your dotcom off and running -- and to make it a success. You'll find detailed information on "virtual" government agencies and free publications, resources for young entrepreneurs, management and recruitment Web sites, incubators, marketing and advertising, and even more. A unique how-to guide for creating a dot-com business plan. Shows how to secure financing, impress potential investors, and lure top employees. Also gives information on how to plan for the future, plot a blueprint for implementing a business plan, and more. Softcover. DLC: Electronic commerce--Management. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a great e-biz idea, a business owner who wants to enter the dot-com domain, or the owner of a popular but currently unprofitable Web site, you need a business plan to get your concept online, attract investors, and reap the benefits of the growing online business boom. How to Write a .Com Business Plan is the only "how-to" book that focuses on the unique needs and requirements of the online arena. Here you'll discover how to address the Internet-related subjects that distinguish online businesses from more conventional entrepreneurial pursuits, from search engines to site security. Using two fictional sites as case studies throughout the book, Silicon Valley journalist Joanne Eglash demystifies the creation and implementation of the business plan, complete with step-by-step checklists and interviews with successful Internet entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other e-commerce experts. Learn how a well-developed dot-com business plan can help you:* Secure financing, wow prospective investors, and lure top employees* Lay out a roadmap for your future, both for you and your colleagues, for tomorrow--and the next five years* Evaluate how you can most effectively manage your business and market your product or service--and create a blueprint for implementation* Develop descriptions of your company, your financial projections, and ways you can beat the competition ... and much more, including an invaluable Dot-Com Directory to help you locate information about a range of relevant topics. From mission statements and financial management to choosing and registering that all-important make-or-break domain name to the reality of the long hours your newbiz-dot-com will require, this much-needed, easy-to-use guide will set you on a solid path to e-success today.


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HF5548.32 .E33 2001
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