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PT. Airfast Indonesia Private Jet: Business Growth Strategy

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2016

Background of the research is to study the possibilities for a charter company to
develop its business growth strategy, especially for its private jet sectors. As a brief
overview, there are only a few number of air charters in Indonesia, specializing on
private jet charters. The focus will be for a company called Airfast Indonesia. Airfast
Indonesia is a company specializing in aircraft charter industry.
The main problem of the status quo is that the utilization of the company’s private
jet is still too low, whereas based on our analysis it should be able to be maximized
up to 5 times of its current usage. Along with this, the current system to order private
jets limit the company from gaining more customers as its movement is very limited
to a number of factors, which will be explained thoroughly on later chapters.
The research method will be a combination of interview as well as data analysis
from different sources, both published and unpublished documentations.
Furthermore, from the data given as explained above in regards to the research
method, we will then be looking at the market size of business class paseenger in
particular. The vision for this paper is to find the possibility to invite a new market
from business class passenger and to keep the highest standards of customer
satisfaction. Not only will right channel be able to solve the supply and demand issue
that is currently quite difficult to be solved, but it will also bring more benefits to the
customers that will question the status quo of the industry and bring breakthrough to
the paradigm of the industry.

Supervisor: Rudianto Prabowo

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