Image of Importing and Exporting: 24 Lessons to Get You Started

Importing and Exporting: 24 Lessons to Get You Started

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Publisher :McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) , 2009

For centuries people have been conducting business transactions that extend beyond their own borders. More recently, the nature and intensity of competitive forces and other significant factors have strongly influenced many more businesses to take advantage of the benefits to be gained from trading in a global marketplace. As a result, over the last three decades, the growth rate in international trade has consistently outperformed the growth in world output, and trade has grown from US$200 billion to over US$13 trillion.

In order to successfully take advantage of the numerous opportunities that international trade presents, participants need to acquire specific knowledge of the different elements that are unique to this area of business. Importing and Exporting helps you to identify the knowledge actually needed and introduces you to the practical information required in order for you to get started. This book will help you:

-- Identify the players and their roles

-- Effectively source specialist assistance

-- Minimise your costs

-- Identify appropriate sources of supply

--Effectively utilise international transport services

-- Understand and manage your risks

-- Comply with regulations

-- Understand the language

-- Identify appropriate international markets

-- Identify further sources of information

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