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Capital Market Literacy Enhancement for High School Students

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

With the rapid movement of technology, the ease of traveling, and today’s
trendy fashion, majority of teenagers spend so much money on the newest iPhone
X, have frequent trips abroad or even purchase the newest Adidas Yeezy shoe. A
lot of the youth today have not thought about their tomorrow due to their
consumptive mindset towards wanting the newest phone or shoes. This
Community Involvement Project raises the awareness of high school students in
the Jabodetabek + Bandung about financial planning. The purpose of this project
is to assist high school students the importance of saving and investment
(including the stock market, one of many investment types) with what future goals
the students have in mind. Through workshops, lecturing, and a financial
competition, the students will gain the knowledge of financial planning. After the
three types of activities conducted, research will be coordinated to see how
effective these activities impacted the high school students who had participated
in the activities and to see if high school students needed education about
financial planning. Finally, after the data collection and the analysis done, this
project was what the high school students needed and the methods used to educate
the students were effective.

Supervisor: Ardo Ryan Dwitanto

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