Image of PT. Vivere Multi Kreasi Proposed Channel Design for Furniture and Home Accessories

PT. Vivere Multi Kreasi Proposed Channel Design for Furniture and Home Accessories

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2017

PT. Vivere Multi Kreasi has been present in Jabodetabek, Surabaya, and Bali through its 12 representative stores with core competencies in home furnishings and accessories branded as VIVERE. It currently has three marketing channels: Store, Project, and Online. The company takes much of their effort and focus to develop their physical stores more than its other channel, despite the fact that their project channel has shown good growth performance. This study is attempting to find the root cause of why the total revenue from 2015 to 2016 decreased by 1.6% despite of the launch of new gift stores, display warehouse outlet, online channeland growing property sector. Based on calculated assumptions, it shows that currently the company is only capturing 4.1% of total available furniture markets and about 4-5% capturing home accessories market. This study concluded that, the company’s current channels are not effectively tailored to serve neither their specific customer types nor the target market segment. In order to design a tailormade channel, the company’s customer segments then studied, and customer buying behavior and decision process in the target market segment were thoroughly reviewed. As the result, three customer segments for furniture market identified in this study: those are end user, interior designer, and corporation. In home accessories market, this study also found two customer segments, which are end user and corporation. As recommendation, in order to effectively served those customer segments, this study proposes five different marketing channel design mixes for the company to focus their marketing effort on, in order to add values to support their competitive advantage in the respective business environment. Each of the designs was thoroughly and specifically intended to effectively serve each of those identified customer segments in the target market.

Supervisor: Rudianto Prabowo

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