Image of Exploiting Demand Opportunities by Developing Collaboration with Industrial Estates

Exploiting Demand Opportunities by Developing Collaboration with Industrial Estates

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2017

Indonesia's economy continued to grow despite experience pressure from the global economic downturn and falling commodity prices. Large population and urbanization are huge market potentials to develop. Investment activities and industrial development are expected to continue to grow in the future. In order to encourage industrial development in Indonesia, The Government is aware that Indonesia need indutrial sites development in the form of indutrial estates. The development of industrial estate is a way to develop environmentally industries and provide convinience and appeal for investment. Realizing that natural gas demand is growing as industrial estates starts to develop in many area, it is a perfect target for PGN to offer natural gas utilization to industrial estates. As new market had spotted as a new opportunity, there are still challenges regarding the problem that prohibited PGN to enter industrial estates. PGN have to colloborate with another party in order to be able to harvest the opportunity of industrial estates natural gas utilization. As regulatory of gas utilization in industrial estates must be obeyed, PGN have to find a strategy to enter the customer in industrial estates by collaborating with industrial estates owner

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