Image of Women’s Empowerment Through the Development of Creative Craftsmanship – An Interactive Workshop “From Women to Women”

Women’s Empowerment Through the Development of Creative Craftsmanship – An Interactive Workshop “From Women to Women”

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

Women’s Empowerment has been an intriguing topic that is brought to almost all parts of the world. With the concern of women not being able to receive the same treatment, rights and opportunities, the empowerment of women is seen to be greatly important in order to develop and improve the women’ standard of living such as social, economic, political and even personal life aspects. In Indonesia, several parties such as government, non-government organization and communities have been working to give programs that further protects women, develop their competency and increase their standardAs a group of women in this Community Involvement Project, this project is solely dedicated to take part in the expansion of women’s rights and opportunities. It is achieved by focusing on creating, planning and executing the interactive workshops in two women communities, which are Family Welfare Movement Women Community and GKI Muara Karang Women Commission, where participants can learn the arts of craftsmanship specifically on sewing a handmade pouch completely free of charge. Moreover, through the concept of “From Women to Women”, the interactive workshops are facilitated by women as it is greatly believed that women can empower other women by sharing knowledge, skills and even life experiences about so many things. Beyond the shadow of doubt, the Community Involvement Project ended successfully with the interactive workshops getting positive remarks from the participants. In the future, hopefully, there are more interactive workshops that can facilitate not only on sewing a variety of design of products with different levels of sewing skills but also an “after-sales” program that will cater to the needs of women participants who would like to use the competency gotten from this interactive workshop to start up a home business in selling pouches.

Supervisor: Yulita F. Susanti

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