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Developing Recycle Community at Warga Peduli Lingkungan Depok

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

Waste recycle is one of the most essential movements to be developed in the society. Recycling movement will change the course of human life from the habit of damaging the environment into the habit of preserving the environment. The purpose of this community involvement project is to develop the innovation in recycling process to promote Warga Peduli Lingkungan (WPL) Depok business, as well as its values for preserving the environment.The objectives of this project are: (1) To help boosting its business by helping them to produce new, innovative products which emphasis on comprehensive brand with better quality. (2) To trigger the awareness of recycling movement by promoting WPL business and activities. (3) To promote the awareness of the environment and its most current condition. (4) To help WPL in marketing its product via social media, which is currently the most significant tool for marketing. The program is divided into two main activities, training and assessments. Each activity consists of product and development as well as social media focus. By the end of the project, all of the participants gave positive feedback towards the program. They understood and can apply the knowledge that they gain from the trainings. As in product development, following the training, the participants are able to make their own product according to the direction provided by the trainers in the training. As for social media, the trainee is able to operate social media and use it for marketing purposes.Based on these results, it is proven that this training program brings a lot of benefits for both the community and the environment. Several recommendations would be on applying the similar activities in other regions, and to establish an organization to take care of the similar activities.

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