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Improving Bittersweet Cocoa B2b Strategy Using Marketing Tools

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

Bittersweet cocoa is company engaged in the cocoa industry with premium market as their target customer, Bittersweet cocoa want to introduce local chocolate beverage product and want to educated people and their customer chocolate beverage are not milk with chocolate flavor. Bittersweet cocoa current situation indicate that they’re new comer and less experience as they started this business ± 1 year ago. Bittersweet cocoa feel the need to established competitive advantage and weakness of their business. In order to deliver their company value, they need to explore buying experience to get knowledge regarding what customer want and need from Bittersweet cocoa This study using qualitative research as descriptive analysis to help bittersweet cocoa to get knowledge about customer buying experience with bittersweet cocoa so far. Tools used in this study are tools that commonly use to analyze a current buying situation and marketing strategy of company such as PEST analysis, 5 Porter forces, Buyer Experience Cycle, SWOT, STP analysis and 4P marketing mix. The analysis and discussion in this study conclude. Writer found there are 2 result from finding and analysis buyer experience cycle which are, current buying situation and customer perspective about what kind of product and services the customer want. Also which marketing strategy bittersweet cocoa using with company improved competitive advantage knowing that bittersweet cocoa purpose is to increasing their sales and improving their management & product quality.

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