Image of Maximizing the Use of Promotional Mix Activities to Improve Business Performance of PT Moza Atmos Indonesia

Maximizing the Use of Promotional Mix Activities to Improve Business Performance of PT Moza Atmos Indonesia

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

Implementing an effective and efficient promotional approach is essential for every company in the world in order to generate more profit by securing more and more costumer. Highly competitive industries requires strategies that corresponds to the internal state of the company. This is what Moza should do in order to sustain in the industry. Moza's current situation indicate's that they didn't do marketing well. Moza claimed that budget limitation is the main reason behind their problem. Moza's costum-based product require active-proactive approach and utilize their costumer more. Moza work along architecture,costum-based furniture, interior design, and design consultant as their products and services. Moza established on deep understanding that their current and potential costumer require high performance. This Study using both quantitative and qualitative as a descriptive analysis to help Moza find solution of what promotional mix they should adjust with their internal condition. Tools used in this study are tools that commonly use to analyze promotional sector of a company such as marketing mix, promotional mix, SWOT Analysis, NPS and so on. The analysis and discussion in this study conclude that there are several sectore in promotional mix that Moza need to improve. Sales promotion, internet marketing, personal selling, and direct marketing become main area of focus that Moza need to improve and maximize. For instance, suggesting low-cost approach on promotional mix strategy for Moza is the most suitable for them based on their budget limitation problem.

Supervisor : Bambang Gunawan

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