Image of Customer Perception on Gramedia Store Towards Brand 

Customer Perception on Gramedia Store Towards Brand Transformation

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2018

PT. Gramedia Asri Media is a subsidiary of Kompas Gramedia which provides a bookshop network with the name Gramedia Book Store. Gramedia Store decided to renew their strategy not only as a book store. Gramedia began t o start their e channel, increase their instore experience with created a division of space or chamber based on a variety of themes but interrelated, and developing business into new retail type like have a several brands in stationary and food beverage industry at their store. Gramedia also create the new logo for symbolized their new concept or identity. New problems arise, Gramedia Store management feels that the new concept they have created has not yet entered the customer's mind. Customers still feel that Gramedia is a Book Store. The purpose of this project of is to provide strategic formulation analysis. There are several objects to be analyze, first is validating the marketing communication / brand perception strategy that has been carried out by Gramedia. Second is providing recommendations based on the results of the validation, whether this concept change can be proceeding directly to other Gramedia store or there needs to be a strategy improvement.To achieve those objectives, the authors conducted through quantitative and descriptive analysis. From the data analysis and using descriptive statistics the authors will find the best conclusion and recommendation for the implications in the company. The theory to help the author is brand identity, br and positioning, brand image, and brand equity. As the result, Gramedia Store already applied all the theory in their rebranding and making new concept. Therefore, still opportunity for them to increase the perception of customer according to Gramedia is not only a book store through the logo, employee ambassador, and their social media.

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