Image of Financial Ratios Analysis and The Effect of 4ps Marketing Mix on Market Share Case on PT Indosat Ooredoo. Tbk.

Financial Ratios Analysis and The Effect of 4ps Marketing Mix on Market Share Case on PT Indosat Ooredoo. Tbk.

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Publisher :IPMI Business School , 2019

This study were quantitative, cross sectional, and explanatory research using primary and secondary data analysis, the research background was the fact that in 2018 cellular telco industries experienced revenue decline for the first time in history. PT Indosat Ooredoo as the three biggest players experienced the worst decline, the company not only experienced a decline in revenue but also a decline in profits and market share The company experienced the decline of market share from 21% in 2015 to 17% in 2018, apart from that the company also had unfavorable profitability during 2014 until 2015 the company just two times booked positive P and L, the rest were losing Based on the background of the problem statements in this research were what is the financial of PT Indosat Ooredoo and how is the effects of 4Ps marketing mix that consist of Product (PI). Price (P2). Place (P3), and Promotion (P4) on PT Indosat Ooredoo's Market share seen from the perspective of the outlet. The objectives of the research were to analyze the mix had a positive effect on market share partially and simultaneously from the outlet perspective. The novelty and benefits of the research were know the effects of marketing mix on market share, and for the company can be used as input in improving the strategy based on fact data. The literatures and research methodology used are financial analysis theory, marketing management theory, and cellular telco theory. The samples were outlets of the company located in the Jabodetabek area, the data obtained by questionnaire, the data consisted of variables of X and variables of Y variables of X were included of network, and tariff, availability and visibility, advocacy, and promotion, meanwhile variable Y is market share. This research would test whether there was a positive effect of the X variables on Y variables, and the statistical tool used in this research is the Multiple Linear Regression Test. It was concluded that PT Indosat Ooredoo had illiquidity, insolvency, unfavorable profitability, less effectiveness of asset usage during the period from 2014 to 2018. There was a positive effect of 4Ps marketing mix on market share partially and simultaneously. Network has the greatest effect on market share followed by tariffs, promotion, availability and visibility, and advocacy. The recommendations for further research are to increase the attributes of each variable, and for the company is to increase the network quality, improve liquidity, leverage, activity and profitability ratio by significantly increasing revenue, by optimizing asset utilization, better management working capital, and reducing unnecessary costs. The limitation of the research was the financial data to be analyzed only limited to the data that was publicly consumed and audited, financial analysis focused on liquidity, profitability, leverage, and activity ratios only, the 4Ps marketing mix were limited to network for Product (PI) ), tariffs for Price (P2), availability and visibility for Place (P3), and advocacy, promotion to outlets, promotion for customers for Promotion (P5). The data was tested statistically was limited only to primary data only. apany financial report and to test whether 4Ps marketing to know how outlets weigh and rate the 4Ps marketing mix

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