Image of Empowering RHI Parents and Kids Through Art and Craftmanship Training During Their Leisure Time

Empowering RHI Parents and Kids Through Art and Craftmanship Training During Their Leisure Time

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2019

Up until the present time, the issue of medical provision remained as an inevitable issue and had consistently appeared from time to time. Without the regards of factual data, a simple observation serves as a supporting/ existing fact of the existence of the issue. Serving as contemporary counteract towards this issue, a considerable amount of medical institutions is now, in accordance towards our observation, are in a continuous phase of development and are able to provide sufficient facilities for special cases which are in the necessities of certain procedures. Nevertheless, those crucially facilities that serve as a necessity for certain cases may only be provided in medical institutions existing on certain big regions, where among them is Jakarta, as many of the patients from without those regions are referred to institutions there. Serving as a solution to that constrain, we discovered that there are in fact institutions that provide support to those patients seeking medical attention in Jakarta, which are often referred with the term “Sanctuary”. Rumah Harapan Indonesia (RHI) is among the institution that is conformable with the concept of sanctuary. RHI provides the patients with the support of hospitality. Analyzing RHI, we then are served with a profound understanding regarding the activities (RHI and patients), situations and the extent of support that are provided within RHI. During our approach to RHI, we obtained a situation and discovered a gap on its adopted concept of hospitalization, where throughout their stay at RHI, patients alongside relatives are not provided with enough constructive and empowering activities on their leisure, whilst on the time waiting to take procedures from the hospitals, as RHI’s system does not include this form of support. Corresponding to the issue that we had discovered, we had designed a project constituting projects which would serve as a counteract in consistent to the existing gap priorly identified on RHI’s system, as the designed projects strives to empower, entertain and create a sustainable activity for the patients currently living at RHI as residents, simultaneously providing a sense of comprehensiveness to RHI’s adopted system.
keywords: sanctuaries, patients, hospitality, empowerment

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