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Factors That Influence Investment Intention of Healthtech Startup In Indonesia

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2019

The accelerating pace of technological development are changing many aspects of both the society and how we live as individuals. New sectors such as Healthtech startup expected to be the next unicorn, as the investment on those sectors are increasing. It shows Healthtech is a promising industry. and HealthTech startup in Indonesia starting to attract investors with its business and growth. On the other hand, the Complexity of health problems in Indonesia are certainly not necessarily completed if the government only handles them, there should be collaboration from each stakeholder. In many cases, wewillbedealing with some types of investors to help the company grow within a course of different company’s scales and situations. However since there is a gap in the literature review and previous research, it needs to do additional research in the factors that influence investment intention especially on Healthtech industry. The objective of this studyareto analyze and explore factors that influence investment intention on HealthCare Technology startup in Indonesia a​nd giving better understanding about Health Technology industry in Indonesia. The quantitative approach with multiple linear regression analysis are used by the author for this research. The author gets the data by spreading questionnaire (Google Forms) through WhatsApp from August 2019 to September 2019 to investors or people who worked on venture capital with total 75respondents.The finding shows that regulation, monetization, infrastructure and entrepreneurial alertness areproved to be significant and marginally significant factors that influence investment intention. While there are interesting findings and phenomenon in this research. apparently even though infrastructure are significan tbut the results are negative β (-), meaning that the more advanced infrastructure the less investor wants to invest. The author suggests it will be interesting to do more research on this phenomenon in the near future.

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