Image of Arising Awareness and Interest in Stock Investment for High School Student Across Jabodetabek & Bandung

Arising Awareness and Interest in Stock Investment for High School Student Across Jabodetabek & Bandung

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2019

The number of Indonesian investors is still relatively small. The participation of domestic investors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is also very low, not even reach 1% of the Indonesian population. This amount is not in line with Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth which is around community 51 percent and still potentially keeps growing. In fact, the role of domestic investors is very vital so the dependency on foreign investors can be reduced. To cope with that problem, IPMI International Business School created an internal to enhance the student interest in stock investment, in the year 2015 the
Investment Gallery is established. IPMI Investment Gallery with IPMI Investor Club (Member of IPMI Investment Gallery) wanted to create awareness in investing. That is why authors with IPMI International Business School and IPMI Investor Club created this Stock Investment Simulation 2018 (LSIS 2018). The main objective of LSIS 2018 is to create awareness of stock investment starting from a young age. While the specific objectives are; to create stock investment competition, create stock investment workshop within high school students and promote IPMI International Business School as well.
The methods of LSIS 2018 are workshops, competition, and evaluation. After the competition is done, the authors of this project conducted an online survey to measure the knowledge & satisfaction from the finalists towards this competition and we come up with conclusion that LSIS 2018 events have significance result that this event were well implemented. According to the survey results from the participants, LSIS 2018 event has provided good and interesting content to run. The participants were also very happy with the service from the committee during the event, they are motivated and want to become young investors in the future. This results are in line with our expectation for LSIS 2018.

Keywords: Stock Investment, Competition, LSIS 2018

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