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Mobile Conversational Commerce: Millennial’s Perception And Attitude Towards Chatbot Adoption in DKI Jakarta

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2019CS169CS/169IPMI Kalibata (THESIS S1)Available - Ada

Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2019

In this industry 4.0, digitalization and m-commerce growing fast in Indonesia. Nowadays, businesses are slowly starting to deploy mobile messenger chatbots as a new method of communication with its customers as digitalization maturing it followed by the rising of AI to Chatbots. The purpose of this study is to analyze the concept of mobile messenger chatbots in m-commerce and to determine the DKI Jakarta Millennials’ intention to use messenger chatbots as the new feature in UI for mobile commerce. A research framework is proposed based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Diffusion of Innovation Theory (DOI). The data is collected by means of an online survey among 100 participants. The proposed research model is tested by structural equation model using SmartPLS software. Not all proposed hypotheses are supported as perceived risk in this study received insignificant result. However, the objective of this research has been achieved. The study shows that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use have positive effect towards attitude which in turn have positive effect on behavioral intention on usage of chatbot among millennials in DKI Jakarta. Thus, based on this result, developers and marketer should use this study as foundation to their relevant strategy to improve its customer relationship management and product effectiveness and efficiency. Also based on the study, the consumers’ risk such as privacy concerns is important topics to be considered among researchers and e-commerce company in implementing its business strategy and maintaining good relationship with consumer.

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