Image of Factors Affecting Employee Loyalty of Ecommerce Millennial Employees in Jakarta

Factors Affecting Employee Loyalty of Ecommerce Millennial Employees in Jakarta

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2019

The Indonesian e-Commerce market is one of the most promising and highly attractive among emerging countries. It is expected to significantly contribute to the Southeast Asian e-Commerce market being the fastest-growing Internet region in the world by 2020. As of 2018, 4 Indonesian startup companies are each valued at over 1 billion USD; having reached unicorn status. The large middle-class group of Indonesia is predominantly made up of millennials, who are vastly becoming the majority of the workforce, especially leading the Indonesian digital technology industry. However, companies, most of which are still generally managed by Generation X, often face issues in managing and retaining millennial employees. This study investigates the effect that several factors, namely trust in management, trust in peers, and empowerment, mediated by employee satisfaction, have on employee loyalty, to assess this issue. This quantitative research analyzes the causal relationships between the variables mentioned by surveying a total of 100 millennial employees of e-Commerce companies in Jakarta as respondents. The findings of this research indicate that trust in management and empowerment, mediated by employee satisfaction, all have positive and significant effect on employee loyalty, while trust in peers does not. This research is expected to contribute to future studies observing similar variables and their relationships, as well as to benefit human resources managers of e-

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