Image of Developing The Competitiveness Strategy Of PT. Maxima Amerta Kerta In Car Rental Industry

Developing The Competitiveness Strategy Of PT. Maxima Amerta Kerta In Car Rental Industry

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Publisher :IPMI International Business School , 2019

PT Maxima Amerta Kerta was founded and operated in Indonesia since 2012. PT Maxima Amerta Kerta is a transportation rental company that specialized in tourism and corporate rental. The company first operation is in Bali under the name Maxima Auto Rent. Maxima was founded by professionals that has been involved in automotive industry in Indonesia for decades. With the trend of global car rental market is growing since 2014, PT. Maxima Amerta Kerta is also keen to develop its market share. The company
should analyze its current issue and their capabilities to compete in the market. Through this research, the author will analyze the competitive advantage of PT. Maxima Amerta Kerta through internal and external analysis. The author will use Porter’s Five Forces analysis, PEST analysis, VRIO analysis, financial ratio
analysis, SWOT analysis, TOWS matrix, and ansoff matrix as a tool to analyze the company.

The conclusion is, PT. Maxima Amerta Kerta should develop and utilize its digital marketing strategy to gain more brand awareness and maximized their potential customer, expand a new operation area in growing tourism city to develop and have a bigger market share, reduce operating expenses to have more
net profit and make the shareholders happy, and to have their financial report audited by financial consultant or institution to have a better understanding on how healthy their company is.

Keywords: Corporate Rental, Tourism Rental, Strategic Management

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