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Superb Pink Knocks The Worldcisc (Cancer Information and Support Center Association)

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2020

This community involvement project is one of the requirements for graduation at IPMI International Business School. The purpose of this project is to increase the awareness of breast cancer through collaboration with an organization that aims to promote this cause. Cancer Information and Support Center (CISC) is an organization of people who knows how to deal with cancer. Cancer is often perceived as a disease that takes away the good things from the lives of the victims. The programs implemented in the project has the purpose to promote the organization, the activities of the organization, and to give perspectives and awareness regarding cancer to the general public. Through the collaboration with members from CISC we agreed to name our program “Superb Pink Knocks the World”. We arranged activities in the event such as seminars, fashion show, free cancer screening and donations. Through these programs we w ere able to promote how important it is to get diagnosed before the cancer becoming even more challenging to treat, correct procedures to treat cancer, and how the survivors of cancer are able to live their lives to the fullest. The program received genero us support from the general public and the members of CISC. We were able to receive a very generous donation from PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals with the amount of ninety million rupiah. The donations are used for future activities with the goal of purchasing a van along with an ultrasonography equipment to support breast cancer early detection. In conclusion, the sustainability of the program is promising as “Superb Pink Knocks the World” received support from the general public as well as from companies.

Keywords: CISC, breast cancer, Superb Pink Knocks The World, donations

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