Image of Environmental Education And Empowerment Among Malaysian Youth

Environmental Education And Empowerment Among Malaysian Youth

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2020

The project we implemented is a part of AIESEC programs, particularly from AIESEC in IPMI as the sending entity and AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia as the host of the program. The program is called Outgoing Global Volunteer of AIESEC in IPMI. The name of the project is MIRACLE Project, which aims to improve the environmental consciousness among Malaysian youth particularly high school students in some public schools in Serdang, Malaysia.
Many people agree that youth is the key of the future, which we all also agree that youth need to be nourished and prepared for future development, in any cases. There are tons of problems our current leaders face worldwide which put severe concerns to those youth which are soon to be the next leaders. This is one of the milestones of why Sustainable Development Goals were formed, as the base mindset for future leaders to be effectually impactful.
This paper describes one of the basic projects that every youth can start working on in accordance with the SDG value #12 Responsible Consumption and Production as well as #4 Quality Education. The project is called MIRACLE project, an international project from AIESEC in Malaysia, engaging in an environmental education and empowerment among Malaysian youth that is realistically based on current environmental issues. Statistically mentioning, Malaysians produce around 35,000 tons with only 10% of the waste being recycled, there are still a lot of opportunities for upcycling and recycling innovations. Aside from that, Malaysia has the curriculum of Environmental Education Program (EEP) in primary and secondary education, whilst not in high school. In order to stimulate Malaysian youth participation, MIRACLE aims to induce important knowledge about specific environmental movements, introduction of practical solutions and other knowledge sharing among others in the community. Overall, we encourage youth to participate in social campaign and the implementation of getting real.

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