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Image, Service quality, customer satisfaction as antecedents to loyalty, and performance in Private Hospitals

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Publisher :Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI , 2024

There is an observable increase in the phenomenon of consumerism within the healthcare sector, whereby patients are assuming an active and empowered role as consumers. In a fiercely competitive healthcare industry characterized by the presence of alternative options, the significance of customer experience cannot be overstated. Understanding the journey of customers will provide a powerful insight to leverage more important aspects of the journey that will enhance satisfaction and ultimately loyalty. Research in multiple industries has shown that companies that routinely achieve high customer satisfaction scores rely on best-practice measurement systems that: link improvements in the customer experience with desired business outcomes (e.g., repeat sales), enable the companies to identify the most important drivers of patient satisfaction/experience and measure ongoing performance in those areas, and uncover operational insights that enable the front line staff to make continuous improvements in the customer experience. However, studies focused on customer experience in healthcare are limited, therefore, this study explores the linkage of variables of image, service quality, customer satisfaction, and its effect to loyalty and performance. A sample of 225 respondents who have the experience as customers from three large hospital chains in Jabodetabek area was collected through a questionnaire-based primary data. Through a rigorous procedure of structural equation modelling (SEM-LISREL), It is found that all variables of image, service quality, customer satisfaction has positive and significant effect to loyalty and performance. Moreover, are service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty variables are imperative since they are found to be most significant variable construct.

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