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Identifying studio Asianas customer value

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Publisher :IPMI , 1997

PT. Asiana Kreasindo (" Asiana ") is a leading toy manufacturer and distributor in South East Asia with more than 1,700 employees and several business units. The company holds several popular brands for toys such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., and Hanna Barbera. Asiana has opened two toy stores in Kedoya, West Jakarta and Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta under the name of Studio Asiana.

The objective of this report on the study is to identify what is perceived by the customer as a value. A survey has been conducted to study consumer behavior, buying motivation, store image, and awareness and understanding. The survey also investigates the consumer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and hope. Twenty eight respondents have been interviewed with several criteria; married couple with at least one child, above 25 years old, and having income per month above Rp 500.000.

The method used in gathering data is exploratory research. Samples are taken from five different locations within Jakarta. The data collection sourced from depth interviews are used as the primary data, and literature and desk research as secondary data. Several topics covered in the questionnaire include toy consumer behavior, buying motivation, store image and perception, awareness and understanding, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and consumer expectation.

From the survey, we have found several interesting factors that could be used by Asiana to enhance its position as a leading toy manufacturer in this competitive market environment. The analysis of consumer buying pattern shows that people visit toy store mostly on the weekend since they concurrently use as a recreational activity. It also shows that people visit toy store quite frequently. A toy store located in shopping center is more attractive than those outside the center. This is due to many people enjoy walking through in a shopping center as outside home activity.

Retailers have been trying to identify existing consumer needs that are currently unsatisfied. Consumers shop for many reasons other than ,buying and spending money for goods and services. These include personal and social motives which consist of role playing, diversion, physical activity, sensory stimulation, self-gratification, social experiences outside the home, communications with persons of similar interests, peer group attraction, status and power, and the pleasure of bargaining. This explains why we always see something different in a mall other than showing merchandise to attract shoppers to buy. Retailers also have to their customers' lifestyles because lifestyles are reflected in the way they purchase and use merchandise.

The two primary objectives of the store environment are creating market image ld increasing sales productivity. These objectives must be met in order to be Planning the store environment is so important to a retailer. The survey reveals age of a store attracts customers and keeps them coming back. The exterior and sign of a store plays a critical role in creating both store image and sales


To be successful in creating store image, store planning must be conducted from allocating space, merchandise presentation through exterior design. The survey indicates that e think the store display of toy stores surveyed is not interesting enough to attract shopper to come and buy. The merchandise presentation is not good enough to create a feeling in the store conducive to buying merchandise.

In conducting consumer awareness and understanding studies, we found that the studio Asiana store does not relate with toys but photo studio. While the store name must be catchy, memorable, and reflective of the retailer's merchandising mission, the key is to keep the logo simple and easy to understand at a glance. In addition, it should be exciting leave a lasting image in the customers minds. We found that the awareness of Studio Asiana is still very low.

In terms of advertising and promotion, the survey shows that the attractive promotion ire discount and lottery coupon. Some types of discount could be used to attract shoppers to buy such as quantity, functional, and seasonal discounts.

Several recommendations have been suggested to Asiana to be able to compete with stores successfully. These include placing Asiana' s store within a mall or shopping than wide range of products, playing area and weekly game for children, seek , needs, create market position image and sales productivity, and changing the studio Asiana.

Finlally, we hope that the management of PT. Asiana Kreasindo will find our report searching a delivery values to its customers. We also hope that the company will sustain its reputation as a leading toy manufacturer despite fierce competition in the domestic toy market as well as export market.

Research Location: PT. Asiana Kreasindo

Supervisor: Kemal Taruc Mertohadidjojo, Ir., MBA

Accepted on December 1997

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