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Entrepreneurship Program at IPMI

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Publisher :IPMI , 2003

The purpose of this Group Field Project is to explore to potential of MM Entrepreneurship program that will be introduced by IPMI Graduate School of Business. The methodology used was Qualitative Market Research based on Focus Group Discussion and In-Depth Interview. The total number involved in the FGD and In-Depth Interview was 53 respondents.

From the FGD discussion, the initial MM Entrepreneurship program was developed further into other alternatives such as S1 Entrepreneurship, Short Courses and Center of Entrepreneurship.

The findings from FGD and In-Depth showed that Entrepreneurs require both the soft skills such as personal value, attitude and hard skills such as Marketing, Accounting, etc. Both of these skills can be developed" even-though that the soft skills will be more difficult and will take longer time to develop.

The majority of the findings have also shown that MM Entrepreneurship was not recommended to be implemented. Some of the main obstacles for this program to be successful were costly, timely and not teaching some of the soft skills required in as Entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, majority of the respondents recommend the Short Courses and Center of Entrepreneurship. The main reasons were due to shorter time and a good program to test the market. In addition, it is also very important to have the Center due to its function of facilitating and fastening the process entrepreneurship formation through consultation and networking.

However, one of the considerations from the respondents for IPMI to introduce the Entrepreneurship program was IPMI's lack of reputation in Entrepreneurship. Before proceeding with the program, IPMI must first build its reputation in this area.

However, our group views that IPMI must not be hindered by its existing resources. It must proceed beyond its existing resources to explore further the opportunity of the Entrepreneurship. This is the nature of Entrepreneurship to go beyond your existing resources.

Research Location: IPMI Business School

Supervisor: Ir. Mudzaffar Daud. MBA

Accepted: 12 July 2003

This document content of confidential information until 12 July 2008

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