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Effective advertising : understanding when, how, and why advertising works

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Publisher :Response Books by Sage Publications Inc. , 2004

This book evaluates and summarizes and extensive body of research on advertising effectiveness. The primary focus of the book is one the immediate and carryover effects of advertising on consumer choice, sales, and market share. The book further reviews research on the rich variety of ad appeals and suggests which appeals work, explaining when, how, and why they work.

The first comprehensive book on advertising effectiveness, it reviews more 50 years of research in the fields of advertising, marketing, consumer behavior and psychology. It covers all aspects, and effects of frequency.

Effective Advertising will be an improtant text for focuses in advertising, marketing, and business communication. It will also be an invaluable reference tool for professionals and researchers working in these fields.


Part I Understanding Advertising

Chapter 1 Evaluating Advertising

Importance of Advertising in Modern Economies

Problems Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness

Explanation of Key Terms

Chapter 2 Sweet, Secret Workings of Advertising

Myths About Advertising Effectiveness

Truth About Advertising

Effects of Advertising Intensity

Dynamic Effects of Advertising

Effects of Ad Campaigns

Effects of Advertising Creative

Contingent Effects of Advertising

Chapter 3: A General Theory of Firms' Advertising

Why Firms Advertise: Theory of Advertising Demand

Supply Exceeds Demand

Knowledge About Suppliers Is Low

Confidence in Suppliers Is Low

Demand Exceeds Supply

Why Big Successes Are Rare: Theory of Advertising Effectiveness

Inattention to Advertising

Resistance to Persuasion

Miscomprehension of Ad Messages

Imitation of Effective Techniques

Why Firms Persist With Ineffective Ads: Theory of Advertising Supply

Lack of Field Tests and Tracking 29

Conflict of Interests with Agency 30

Competitive Pressure to Advertise 30

Incentive System 30

Budgeting System 31

Price Support 31

Trade Support 31

Summary 32

Chapter 4: Measures of Advertising's Effectiveness

Definition and Classification of Advertising Variables 33

Measures of Inputs

Measure of Outcomes

Measures of Processes

Paradigms of Research

Models Of the Hierarchy of Effects


Chapter 5: Research Designs To Assess Advertising Effectiveness

Laboratory Experiment

Basic Terms

Evaluating Experiments

Field Approach

Evaluation of the Field Approach

Hybrid Approaches

Field Experiments

Single-Source Data


Part II How and Why Advertising Works

Chapter 6: Market Effects of Advertising Intensity

Classification of Studies

Findings About Advertising Weight


Findings About Advertising Elasticity

Findings About Advertising Frequency

Summary of Findings from Market Studies

Findings About Advertising Weight

Findings About Advertising Elasticity

Findings About Advertising Frequency

Chapter 7: Advertising's Dynamic and Content Effects

Findings From Market Studies About Advertising Carryover

Findings About Advertising Wearin and Wearout

Findings About Ad Content


Findings About Advertising Carryover

Findings About Wearin

Findings About Wearout

Findings About Advertising Content

Part II How and Why Advertising Works

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Chapter 8: Advertising as Persuasion

Routes of Persuasion

Choice of Routes

Stability of Persuasion

Low Involvement or Passive Processing

Mere Exposure


Soft Sell

Subliminal Advertising

Repetition in Persuasion

Factors Influencing Repetition

Theories Explaining Repetition


Chapter 9: Argument In Advertising

How Argument Persuades

Argument Strategy

Comparative Argument

Refutational Argument

Rhetorical Question

Innoculative Argument


Supportive Argument


Chapter 10: Emotion in Advertising

How Do Emotions Work?

Modes of Persuasion

Advantages of Emotion

Disadvantages of Emotion

When Do Emotions Work?

Methods of Arousing Emotions

Drama, Story, and Demonstration



Role of Specific Emotions




Ennobling Emotions


Chapter 11 Endorsement in Advertising

Types of Endorsers



Lay Endorsers

Why Endorsements Work

Source Credibility Theory

Source Attractiveness Theory

Meaning Transfer Model

When to Use Endorsers

Domain of the Theories

Audience Conditions

Cost Effectiveness

Communication Modes

Strategic Implications

Choosing Endorsers

Discrete Use of Celebrities

Screening for Endorsers

Managing Endorsers

Avoiding Stereotypes


Collection Of Single Source Data



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